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OPA (Online Proposal Appraisal) in Java, is a full-featured online proposal appraisal system suitable for the end-to-end administration of any proposal request, submission, appraisal, selection and budgeting process, through to reporting, report review, approval, dissemination, and discussion.

It can be used for: Grant & loan programs, Screening of applicants, Project tendering processes, Policy proposal consultation, Calls for conference papers or journal articles, Any initiative with similar workflow processes.

CREDIL ran a contest to see who can help us best enhance the code of OPA. The result was successful and we hope to conduct other contests like that. One of the goals of the contest was to make this project more developer friendly and make it easy for people to re-contribute code.

Git repository at git://code.credil.org/opa


Manager: Christian Meloche
Developer: Michael Richardson

Latest news

Contest is over!
The contest is over and the winners are...
Added by Christian Meloche about 9 years ago

Submission deadline extended to 12:00 EDT March 31st
Registration is closed but submission deadline is extended to allow everyone to submit.
Added by Christian Meloche about 9 years ago

OPA will be stronger after the contest
Many people have expressed interest but few followed through but OPA will emerge stronger after the contest.
Added by Christian Meloche over 9 years ago

Eclipse project files ready!
Added by Andrew Clunis over 9 years ago

Git repository up! (2 comments)
Added by Andrew Clunis over 9 years ago

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