CREDIL - Implementing technical innovations via the Co-make strategy.

"Make or buy?" is the usual question for organizations (sponsors) thinking of implementing technical innovations in how they operate. CREDIL -- Center for Research and Experimental Development in Informatics Libre -- offers another choice. CREDIL provides a clearing-house to bring together those wanting informatics solutions with "makers" who know how to deploy and modify free/libre software and ideas to co-make innovative products and services.

The value proposition: by building on an existing, huge base of well-tested software and ideas, sponsors pay only for the development -- chiefly modifications to known technology -- needed to achieve their goals, and they can contract for part-time services of several makers in proportion to needs using CREDIL. The free/libre pool of contributors is repaid via the submission of developed materials back to the pool. These materials are the tools to create the products and services the sponsor uses to generate revenue.

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OPA: Contest is over!
The contest is over and the winners are...
Added by Christian Meloche about 12 years ago

OPA: Submission deadline extended to 12:00 EDT March 31st
Registration is closed but submission deadline is extended to allow everyone to submit.
Added by Christian Meloche about 12 years ago

OPA: OPA will be stronger after the contest
Many people have expressed interest but few followed through but OPA will emerge stronger after the contest.
Added by Christian Meloche about 12 years ago

OPA: Eclipse project files ready!
Added by Andrew Clunis about 12 years ago

OPA: Git repository up! (2 comments)
Added by Andrew Clunis about 12 years ago

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Latest projects

  • tcpdump (2019-04-16 13:42)

    The TCPDUMP group at tcpdump.org maintains libpcap, tcpdump, tcptrace.
    The COMCAST Innovation Fund provides for 1/5FTE of support for tcpdump.

  • belgrade (2019-04-01 16:14)

    belgrade is a project to bring a BRSKI pledge to the ESP32/ESP8266 line of processors running RIOT-OS, FreeRTOS and using micropython

  • hammertime (2015-11-20 11:42)

    This project is to produce a zero-touch ("You can't touch this") enrollment system for Internet of Things devices.

  • capmprep (2013-04-26 20:27)

    capmprep is a generator of online quizes based on a knowledge base. The original intent is to create a site to help students prepare for their PMI CAPM certifiaction exam.

    The knowledge base will be built in prolog and the UI & score manager in PHP.

  • orlando (2012-10-11 13:12)

    This is about doing semi-automatic meeting scheduling for the IETF meetings